Building a better today and tomorrow with people, operational process, and technical systems expertise.

Our experts have over 90 years of Strategic Sourcing, Procurement, Operations and Systems experience building Supply Chain, Logistics and Procurement infrastructure and systems platforms. Our expertise allows us to design and implement new processes and train your team for future growth while reducing operational costs across automotive, manufacturing and retail.

Our platform integrates multiple modes across ERP and TMS systems to optimize operations and reduce costs. Our people and applications provide network analysis, strategic sourcing, cost reduction, empty mile reduction, asset management, optimization, predictive analytics, and negotiation bid analysis for your business.

Our solutions cover:

Intelligent Carbon Management with ShipIntuit:

Asset Management


Automotive Solutions

Capacity Modeling

Data Analytics

Standard non-AI | AI modeling

Ecommerce Solutions

KPI Management

Load Planning, Requirement and Capacity Management

Multi-modal Management

Operations Management

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement from PO to Delivery

Transportation Management Systems

AI Modeling
AI is not a magic bullet: bad data and designs means flawed results so we want to ensure you understand the basic AI process.
Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions
We map your Value Stream first
Flow your existing processes, confirm your problem
Validate if AI is needed
Standard AI processes include:
  • Data pre-processing to format the data
  • transformation and normalize data depending on what area of the policy we will be working on.
  • Applying labeling to encode and transform categorical variables into numerical variables based on the decision tree.
  • Data splitting into training and testing data sets utilizing k-fold cross-validation.
  • Application of event clustering tools depending on need such as including k-nearest neighbors (knn), RNN, or GAN’s based on a set hyperparameters or dynamic parametrization of the data.
  • We also look to enrich your data pipeline, prediction and learning models with additional data we may receive from other applications.
  • Multi-class classification modeling.
  • Extensive hyperparameter tuning and model validation by evaluating the precision, recall and F1 before releasing the models into production.
  • Optimization by running a learning cycle based on your requirements and data set.
Netwila provides a multi-modal Logistics and Supply Chain application to maximize efficiency and improve profitability
Problem: Low Cube utilization

A lot of companies are shipping air and packaging not products driving up costs and carbon emission.


Leverage our ANwork app to enable: Live load and cost monitoring. Increase cube utilization using our LOAD IoT option and Track load flow.

Netwila Analytics provides leading edge standard and AI options for data sharing, analytics and collaborative solutions with:
Data Sharing capability to improve integrative collaboration
Contracts and rate interactions
Capacity modeling across networks with BuildMyNetwork
Joint Strategic integrations and mergers
Our multi-modal capability extends across
factory, mine, retail, truck, rail, port and ocean
We support asset management across all modes and capacity models
Requirement and capacity planning
Pre-loading, post loading, and pre-delivery and delivery visibility
Implement our KPI tools for efficiency, cycle time and forecast management
Apply AI as needed for data analytics

Automotive Solutions

Based on conversion to Electronic Vehicles many auto parts suppliers are under pressure to recost, retool and adjust their processes. The change-over will have a tremendous impact on the parts industry as the number of parts in the drivetrain across vehicles drop.

Our goal is to get out in front of the transition.

Our consulting team will analyze your parts manufacturing and distribution network and recommend Supply Chain, Logistics & Technology options for your network as the make-up of parts shift. A key part of this is reducing your staff liability in conjunction with downsizing and shifting operations from stamping, spinning and assembly from automotive to other functions that can use the same equipment.

Whether your plant is in Malaysia, China or the US the transition will cost.

Let us analyze the impact with BuildMyNetwork.

Plan now to reduce existing and future costs.

Integrate BuildMyNetwork to improve service and lower costs with:
Supplier and Vendor connectivity
Locational Supply and Demand Information
Modeling and identification of areas for cost reduction
Data Exchange
Forecast exchange
Network modeling
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We support Ecommerce from Start-ups to Large companies

Selling products on your site

Reduce problems managing your operations and improve costs

Need expertise for your start-up across

  • Transportation, Courier, LTL, FTL, Ocean, Warehousing, Receiving, Putaway, Picking, Shipping and Third Party Contracts

Use our Pooled Ecom Logistics and Supply Chain Operations Management

Let us connect your sales site and network with others to provide a lower cost and better service

Integrate Logistics Views for lower costs
Scheduler View
Inbound, Outbound, Parameter Selection, PO Groups and Equipment Management.
Best Fit Algorithm Selection and KPI Management
Cross-Dock View, Inbound, Outbound, Door Loaded and Unloaded
Driver Views, Origin, Destination, Load Number, BOL, and Cross-Dock Delivery Windows
Plant & Warehouse, Inbound and Outbound Dispatching

Multi-Modal Management

ShipIntuit: Manage your modes


We integrate within and across modes to improve management, services and achieve lower costs from origin to destination and return


Strategic Sourcing, Consulting & Procurement

Strategic Sourcing for Products and Services across merchandising and non-merchandising categories.

  • Example: transport modes, Warehousing, Products and Services

Site reviews

Network Analysis

Request for Proposals

Pricing analytics

Contract negotiations, analysis and support

Advertising Integrator:
Advertising is about people, dreams, desires and need
Supply Chains are about fulfilling dreams, desires and wants with products across Ecommerce, Stores and Restaurants
We developed an AI process for integrating Customers into the Retail and Manufacturing Value Chain at the item level using a new advertising recommendation engine
We built a Social Media bed with thousands of users and a variety of functions to learn customer interests and behaviors
Our AI design integrates consumer advertising with value chains for advertising differentiation, improved brand communication, reinforcement and revitalization
In an economy where private labels have become more dominant, disintermediating traditional brands, we integrate the customer with the ad
Search is changing and so must your advertising

Advertisers already know

It’s about users:

Increase your end consumer interactions - shift spending across categories and drive products consumers want Customers tell us what they need
We then integrate buy patterns and demand, locationally across the value chain

Targeted Direct Marketing linking:


Direct Customer Reach

Integrated with Supply Chains

Reaching Consumers

Social Media

Value Chains

Viral Buzz

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