BuildMyNetwork by Netwila is an interactive software for documenting and sharing your network.

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Creating a collaboration and communication process making it easy for you to share with your department, your team and upstream and down stream partners and providers key attributes.

Replicate your Supply Chain with upstream partners and downstream vendors by product and location.

Develop yours Logistics (transportation, warehousing on line to identify issues and opportunities.

Layer in your products, sources and spend to demonstrate and design a carbon neutral setting.

Supplier and Vendor connectivity
Locational Supply and Demand Information
Modeling and identification of areas for cost reduction
Data Exchange
Forecast exchange

Network Modeling

  • Free for your own business 1 user.
  • Includes: Network layout
  • 1-50 locational nodes
  • Cloud Storage

Collaboration Design and Sharing

  • Collaboration Design and Sharing
  • 50-2000 vendors and locational nodes
  • $130USD/ month (per user)